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The Orologeria Duomo Milano (the Duomo Milan Watchmaker’s) was created thanks to three friends’ collaboration (two of them are brothers) sharing the same passion for horology and for fine art jewelling. Despite their young age, the three partners can boast a twenty-years experience in these fields. The partners met in the second half of the eighties at the Milan “Scuola di Orologeria” (Horological Institute).

When this experience ended, the three partners kept on meeting both within the professional and personal fields. Even when working in other fields, they set themselves the goal to work, in the future, to a sole project.

The two brothers indeed, kept on working in the family watches laboratory (third-generation watchmakers), becoming a reference point for all the high watches amateurs and collectors.

The third partner, in the meantime, achieved a deepest specialization in the jewelling field. Taking advantage of his own creative virtues, he created, within his own showroom, a customized jewelling creation service where he made special creations for his customers.

As a result of a series of lucky events, in October 2004, the three friends decided to bring together their personal experience and created a new commercial project based in one of the most famous world historic and cultural centres: Piazza del Duomo (The Duomo Square) in Milan.

The shop: a little Jewel in the Heart of Milan

Near to the Duomo Cathedral, in a fine and cosy atmosphere you’ll can enjoy the pleasure to be guide in a marvelous journey through Time among luxury watches from every ages, signed by most important “maisons du monde”.

Passion e Love. That’s what we feel for our job, built on solid base of Professional’s skills.

Here with our clock’s technician you’ll could find your dream’s timepiece , sharing with us the pleasure to own one of the most fascinating items created ever by man

The after market service is our Strength point thanks to decennial experience of our watchmakers masters.

In fact We are able to provide maintenance service for all the prestigious watches, contemporary or vintage, beside pendulum clocks of every ages.

Addictionally if you desire sell or barter your watch, in our residence at via Orefici 2 in Milan, you could take advantage of our professional advice for a rightness evaluation.